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Ergonomic Stacking Chair - ES 120 ELAN Armed Stacker Title

Black Box Theaters and Performing Arts Chairs
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2008-2009 CTS Pricer
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Ergonomic Stacking Chair - ES 120 ELAN Armed Stacker
ES 126 ELAN Armed Stacker w/ Ganging & Tilt-up Seat

Quality, comfort, stackability, durability - these are words used by customers to describe the merits of the ELAN Series.

The design of this chair includes a frame rating in excess of 6700 lb / 3039 kg, a contoured molded seat pan, a separate cantilevered molded back, and an overall frame width of 20.5" / 52 cm. Guests refer to the ELAN as the "eight-hour chair"!

A welded steel inline ganging connector pin enables chairs to be interlocked together. The tilt-up seat is ideal for situations where rows are placed close together (even as narrow as 33”) and enables seated guests to allow other guests to pass by, without having to step into the aisle.

The ES 126 Armed model can be seen in black box theaters and performing arts centers..

The ELAN Advantage Document (PDF)
Key Chair Features

Features Bullet 3/4" 16 gauge steel construction
Features Bullet Ergonomically designed seat & back
Features Bullet Available as a molded or upholstered chair
Features Bullet Nylon Glides - standard
Features Bullet Ganging - standard
Features Bullet Stacks 20 chairs on its own dolly
Features Bullet 20.5" W x 21" D x 30.5" H
Features Bullet Weight: 12.5 lbs.

View availiable Frame Finishes & Fabrics
SW 10 Dolly - Sturdy, stackable (up to 25 chairs) Dollies
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